Webinar: Operational AI in action - Manufacturing

Webinar 1: Business manufacturing applications of AI

A thirty-minute discussion with Futurice to demystify AI and what it could mean to the various business areas of any manufacturing organization. We will also position machine learning and deep learning methods, cover some use cases in core manufacturing and support functions, and cover predictive maintenance in detail.

Webinar 2: Hands on with deep learning and predictive maintenance

In this one-hour session, we bring deep learning to life, using the solar industry as an example to explore how AI can be used for predictive maintenance. A Peltarion data science lead will present an end-to-end flow that runs through key data preprocessing, model build and evaluation, then discuss resources and assets and suggest next steps for your organization.

If you are interested in knowing more about Predictive maintenance and how you can build your own models with the Peltarion platform, Have a look at our use case Leverage AI for intelligent predictive maintenance in manufacturing processes.