Webinar: Operational AI in action - Healthcare

Watch the video recordings from our webinars to discover how you cam bring operational AI into your healthcare organization

AI isn't just for technology pioneers or academics. The path to using advanced techniques like deep learning is realistic (and realizable) for all types of healthcare organizations today. AI is being applied particularly well to diagnostics, enabling providers and labs to offer improved, effective patient diagnosis.

Led by AI experts at Peltarion, these webinars educate you on relevant AI use cases for healthcare and how to get your business enabled quickly to leverage deep learning.

02/Webinar 1: The top use cases for AI in healthcare today

A sharp 30-minute discussion to demystify AI and some of the recent breakthroughs that have impacted the health sector and improved the lives of patients. We position machine learning and deep learning and cover the top use cases for AI in healthcare today, including diagnostics, detection and segmentation.

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Webinar 1: The top use cases for AI in healthcare today

03/Webinar 2: Hands on with deep learning and healthcare

May 9, 2019
14:00 GMT

This one-hour, hands-on session which brings deep learning to life with a model that can support a range of diagnostics use cases. Utilizing real data of skin lesions from the International Skin Imaging Collaboration, a Peltarion data scientist runs a case diagnosing skin lesions and demos the platform, presenting an end-to-end flow that runs through key data preprocessing, model, build and evaluation.

This is followed by a discussion of the resources and assets you will require and suggested next steps for your organization.

View the full agenda for both webinars (PDF)

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Webinar 2: Hands on with deep learning and healthcare


Mikael Huss is a Data Scientist at Peltarion. He holds a PhD in computational neuroscience and an associate professorship in bioinformatics, both from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Mikael has worked as an academic researcher for 10+ years.

Rob Dalgety leads Product Marketing at Peltarion. He has extensive experience in commercializing and positioning software into enterprises and other organizations in areas including mobility, big data and analytics, collaboration and digital.

Tomas Karlsson is the Enablement & Education Services Lead at Peltarion. He has over 10 years of experience in training and education and has a degree in economics from Gothenburg University.

Åsa Bertze is a Senior Data Scientist at Peltarion. She has over 10 years of industry experience solving real-world problems with data, from using machine learning for optimizing mobile networks to automatically detecting skin cancer from images.

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