#005 - The untapped potential of legal tech

September 3 2020/45 min read

We are joined by Linn Alfredsson from Hannes Snellman and Ebba Josefson Lindqvist from AI Sweden. Both have a background in law and are at the forefront of bringing the profession into the digital realm. Together, we try to unpack how a field that works with so much data still seems reluctant to take on technologies that could make its workforce so much more effective. Tune in!

This discussion is in English.

Key takeaways from this episode

Bringing AI into law will require a much more interdisciplinary approach than the educational institutions in Sweden currently offer.

  • Compared to China and the US, Sweden lags behind in terms of incorporating courses on technology.
  • There are some indications that things are changing. For example, this autumn there are three new master classes that focus on law and AI specifically.
The current tools on offer are not up to the task of making the legal profession more effective.

  • The tools on offer don’t have the kind of precision required of legal professionals, which explains some of the reluctance to adopt these technologies among lawyers.
Current datasets need to be larger and contain more precise labels to be helpful.

  • This is where Ebba’s work on the Data Factory for AI Sweden plays an important role. Here they’re trying to make more data publicly available for institutions and startups to use to develop their algorithms.
Digital adoption has in many ways been faster among public institutions like courts than among law firms.

  • Some of the reluctance in incorporating AI into law firms is explained by the current model where people and companies are billed per hour. The industry will need to find new ways of dealing with this as large-scale AI adoption takes place. 
Recommendations for law students or lawyers who want to engage.

  • Tech Academy Nordic: this is Linn’s brain child, aimed to bring law into the digital realm. They are hosting a series of live streamed events in the autumn about legal tech.
  • Bucerius Law School: they are live streaming their entire curriculum for free.
  • Elements of AI: this is an excellent place to start for everyone looking to get an understanding of the basics of AI.