Webinar: Challenges in building Operational AI

Daniel Skantze, Peltarion's Head of Engineering, on how to approach the challenges to operationalising AI in your organization.

There is a lot of hype around AI nowadays, but apart from the big players like Google, Facebook and Apple, AI remains complicated and seems out of reach for most companies.

The challenges in using AI, go beyond understanding the algorithms. There are also the software engineering challenges of rapidly processing massive amounts of data, running training jobs on specialized hardware, orchestrating parallel jobs, visualizing the data and output from models and much more.

Join us for this webinar where we will explore some of these challenges and how we are approaching them at Peltarion.

About the presenter

Daniel Skantze is the Head of Engineering at Peltarion where he manages a team of engineers developing Peltarion's AI Platform.

The aim of the platform is to get AI technology into the hands of more companies. In order to succeed, the team has to consider intuitive user interface design, big data pipelines, and high-performance GPU orchestration, against a shifting AI background.

Daniel combines a passion for people with an equal passion for technology and AI. He has been programming since the Spectrum ZX81 was all the rage and occasionally even gets a chance to put those programming skills to use.