Generate higher sales with better product recommendations

Increase company revenue
Create upsell opportunities
Provide options to out-of-stock items


For e-commerce, it can be hard to retain customers if they’re looking for a specific item. For instance, if a product is out of stock, the customer might look for similar products among competitors instead. It could also be that the specific item your customer is viewing turned out to not really be the right product for them. If they would have been offered a slightly different product instead they might have purchased it.


When uploading images and/or descriptions of your products, the Peltarion platform is able to suggest similar or complementing products that are in stock based on data. By doing so, customers are more likely to convert, generate higher sales and be happier with the service. You will be able to turn a possible churn into a sale with very little effort and also get more intelligence on what products could potentially work as a replacement for others.

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