AI use cases

As AI can create value in tons of different areas it’s sometimes hard to start. So we’ve gathered a few methods that are useful across different disciplines. A few of them are:

  • Customer sentiment

    Understanding text and audio and the meaning behind expression gives a chance to improve product development and customer experience.

    Insight into the human expression behind text, audio and image data offers a chance to improve customer experience and product development.

  • Diagnostics

    With support from deep learning, diagnosis can be improved, giving doctors better decision support and patients elevated treatment.

  • Predictive maintenance

    Using data, machine owners and operators can better understand patterns in order to move toward predictive maintenance rather than scheduled — creating smoother processes, lower cost and better quality.

  • Task automation

    Automation across industries will drastically improve many areas with repetitive and manual tasks, including inventory management, logistics, and quality control.