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Deep Learning: Opportunities and Best Practice report

    Deep learning is on the cusp of taking over where other machine learning methods have left off. While a lot of AI experts know this experientially, the research is now crystallized.

    This new report, co-authored with the AI Knowledge Network, CognitionX (also founders of AI-conference, CogX), draws on extensive industry and technical expertise in the AI market and includes insights from a dozen interviews with leading minds from Amazon, JP Morgan, Google, DeepMind and more. It is intended to serve as a primer for those who are at the beginning of their AI journey, and a comprehensive best practice guide to operational AI adoption for those with more experience.

    You’ll discover:

    • A brief history of deep learning, and context for its sudden growth and focus
    • Case studies of real-world applications in specific industries, from healthcare to finance to manufacturing to retail
    • Specific challenges currently slowing down market growth, and suggestions for how to overcome these so deep learning can reach its full potential
    • Best practice for building and deploying deep learning within your organization, including team, data, model and deployment issues
    • The future of deep learning in terms of potential growth, infrastructure needs, applications and ethical implications as AI becomes, more and more, an integral part of day-to-day life

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    A good starting point for business leaders who are thinking about adopting AI

    Tabitha Goldstaub, Co-founder of CognitionX