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Five ways AI is revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry

    AI and machine learning technology application in industrial manufacturing gives immense possibilities to transform several different processes across the complete value chain, such as production, forecasting, supply chains, process optimizations and improvement of overall equipment efficiency

    The 4th industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, focuses around digital transformation and the automation of manufacturing. As we continue on this new industrial journey, the machinery that drove the third industrial revolution is beginning to integrate AI technology, in order to render manufacturing and maintenance processes more efficient. Industry 4.0 generates a great amount of data that can be used in AI implementation, due to the rapid increase in the number of sensors in factory shop floors.

    Advances in networking, machine learning, data analytics, robotics, 3D printing, among others, are making vast improvements on industrial processes and reducing dependency on human labor and decision making. Enabling digital solutions reduces human errors, shortens time to market, and increases the adoption of processes with ever-changing demands. 

    Manufacturing is primed for AI from a variety of perspectives. In core manufacturing operations such as the production line, AI can automate tasks, optimize capacity, reduce the number of defects and ensure machines are working. AI applied in the correct way can bring major transformation within the industry, and more-so, make Industry 4.0 much more effective and achievable, especially if done in a democratic way throughout the organization, reducing both the upfront costs and the skilled expertise usually needed for AI adoption. 

    This is not new information. Industry leaders, both in Manufacturing and in Artificial Intelligence, have been talking about the transformational capabilities of AI in manufacturing for a while. 

    So how can manufacturers move forward? What can they objectively do to disrupt their industry with AI? 

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