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AI Decision-Makers Report 1/2: Are enterprises ready to go deep with AI?

    The promise and potential of deep learning are clear — but the practice has not yet caught up. While 99% of AI decision-makers believe that deep learning will transform their industry, in a recent Peltarion survey, less than 1% of those leaders have actually deployed deep learning practices extensively across the business.

    What’s the disconnect?

    Peltarion’s recent survey of 350 IT leaders across the UK and Nordics revealed both the vast potential and the inherent challenges of deep learning.

    In the first part of our AI Decision-Makers Report, we explore:

    • The current state of deep learning versus machine learning in practice
    • Current and looming trends in deep learning technology investment
    • The key organizational and technical challenges that stand in the way of faster adoption of deep learning

    Download the comprehensive report below, to deepen your understanding of the current state of deep learning.