Estimate the degree of similarity between texts

Below are a few selected use cases to illustrate how you can benefit from text similarity in your projects.

Improved text search

A question can be asked in many different ways, with different wordings, and in many different languages. By using multilingual semantic similarity, you can raise the quality of generated results whether it is used for customer-facing search engines or internal data library search engines.

Automating the RFP bid-writing process with AI

A "Request for Proposal" is a document that solicits proposals from potential suppliers, and for bid-writers working very actively with RFPs, this comes with a high workload. By using text similarity, bid-writers can automate text searches on past bids and save valuable time.

Automatically searching through legal documentation

In legal matters, the expert usually goes through a huge number of legal documents to understand and analyse which ones are relevant to his or her current case. By adding semantic text similarity to a legal document database, the expert can more easily and quickly find relevant documentation.

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