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Information is key, and the Peltarion team is continuously producing educational and inspirational material to help you along your AI journey. And below, we have listed some useful content to help you get started with your own Sentiment analysis projects on the platform.

02/ Blog - A business view on semantic similarity

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field within AI that aims to understand the way humans communicate with each other and how to build systems capable of replicating that behavior. The latest advances in NLP capture semantics in a language in ways that were not possible before, opening a wide range of opportunities for companies to implement AI. In this blog, I provide concrete examples of how text similarity -a task within NLP- can improve efficiency in your business. All you need is text data.

Sentiment analysis

03/ Tutorial - Understand the mood of your team with Slack data

Build a mood dashboard using Slack data to track how your team is doing.

Use Zapier to collect posts from a Slack channel, run messages through a Peltarion model, and build a dashboard that shows the average mood. With this "positivity score" you can see how your employees’ communication tonality changes over time.

Now you’ll know when to initiate a team activity to cheer everyone up.

04/ Tutorial - Classify reviews with sentiment analysis

In this tutorial, you will solve a text classification problem using BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers). The input is an IMDB dataset consisting of movie reviews, tagged with either positive or negative sentiment – i.e., how a user or customer feels about the movie.

05/ Shape up your Slack chaos

Philipp Eisen, a research engineer at Peltarion, got the brilliant idea to play around with the newly released BERT to see if he could make a model for identifying patterns in Slack messages to let people know if they posted in the wrong channel. It turns out, he could. And you can do it too! If you need another besserwisser (do you, really?) at work, here’s how to build one.

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