Your time to work with tabular data classification

Information is key, and the Peltarion team is continuously producing educational and inspirational material to help you along your AI journey. And below, we have listed some useful content to help you get started with your own Tabular data classification projects on the platform.

02/ Tutorial - Buy or not - Predict from tabular data

Predict if a customer will buy or not based on earlier customers buying patterns. Understanding what makes a user willing to cash up and buy a product has always been key to businesses. This tutorial will show you how you can build simple AI models using the spreadsheets that so many of us work with. You will use tabular data to solve a classification problem, and get advice on how you’d also solve a regression problem.

03/ Tutorial - How to improve a model that uses tabular data

Tips on how to improve your model for tabular data. Note: This tutorial is a continuation of the Tabular data tutorial. If you do not yet have a working model that runs on tabular data, have a go at the tabular data tutorial and come back to this one once you have completed it.

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