Find patterns across any number of variables and classify examples into distinct categories with tabular data classification

Below are a few selected use cases to illustrate how you can benefit from tabular data classification in your projects.

Using AI to detect fraud

Detecting fraud can challenging in a dynamic global business environment with an overwhelming amount of traffic and data to monitor. Fraud detection is an ideal use case for machine learning with plenty of past success in many industries like banking and insurance.

AI in marketing & sales: Propensity to buy

"Propensity to buy" is a value which represents how likely a customer is to purchase a particular product. Successful propensity to buy models give crucial insight into how to design and distribute marketing material as well as allocate sales staff time. This allows companies to be significantly more efficient with their marketing, leading to increased sales without any increased costs.

Identify Upsell opportunities with AI

Upselling is a sales technique used to get customers to upgrade to a higher tier or a better product. By using modern AI techniques, sales departments can be helped on where to best put their resources to get as much out of their efforts as possible.

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