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Information is key, and the Peltarion team is continuously producing educational and inspirational material to help you along your AI journey. And below, we have listed some useful content to help you get started with your own Image similarity projects on the platform.

02/ Understand where to apply Image similarity

Have you been in a situation where you need to search for images that are similar to a specific design but you find it hard to describe with words and harder to search for it? Or would you like to offer your customers an easier way to visually find items in a product inventory by skipping hard-coded keywords? As of today, you are able to build image similarity search models on the Peltarion platform!

Search and find items that share a pattern

Image similarity gives you a quantifiable measure of how alike two or more images are compared to each other. The criteria used to determine what is similar and what is not, is very subjective and can be adjusted by you depending on the use case the image similarity application will be used. For instance, you can look for images that share the same color palette, have the same patterns and forms or display products alike to the one in the input image.

 From a business perspective, let’s take a look at what similarity is, what it can do for you and some examples of the opportunities this capability offers.

3/ Image similarity with deep learning explained

Recently I gave a webinar where I talked about two of my favorite topics: neural networks and images. Since the Peltarion Platform is launching a feature for image similarity, I thought I would sum up some ideas from this webinar in a blog post.

Search and find items that share a pattern

Similarity is by definition a vague concept. It works well when two humans communicate, but it isn’t the easiest thing to deal with for a deterministic computer program. Think of the two images above: you could easily make anyone agree that they look similar (person in a leather jacket, contemplative, facing left), although some aspects are clearly different (standing vs. sitting, ocean vs. street background, man vs. woman).

4/ Taking a closer look at image similarity

With Image similarity, you are able to build models that allow you to compare images with each other and give you a score for how visually similar they are. You can use these models to drive recommender systems that surface similarly looking products, build monitoring tools that track where your images are being used online, and more! All without the need to write a single line of code.

5/ Build your own image similarity model

Imagine you want to buy a nice new kind of fruit. You’re looking at all the fruits available, and you think; So many new kinds of fruit! What fruit is that?

Fruit images from dataset

That’s when you happily reach for your deployed image similarity fruit model. Follow this tutorial to learn how to build an image similarity model which can recognise one fruit from another.

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