Automatically categorize images to represent their content with image classification

Below are a few selected use cases to illustrate how you can benefit from image classification in your projects.

Defect detection in mass production

Traditionally, monitoring the quality of manufactured products has been a time-consuming process with inconsistent accuracy. With recent advances in deep learning, this process can be easily automated. At the end of this article you’ll find a link to how to build your own defect detection model using the Peltarion Platform.

Creating a marketplace for farming equipment with AI

Read about how our user E-Farm, the first full-transaction online platform for pre-owned farm equipment, uses the Peltarion platform to better organize the equipment sold through their online marketplace.

Detecting damage after natural disasters

Following a natural disaster, one of the most critical tasks is to determine the priority areas for emergency response teams. Here, an AI model can leverage images and assist in quickly determining the degree of damage different areas have received.

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