Accessible deep learning features

Our mission is to make AI accessible to as many people as possible by building and integrating features into our platform that help take away some of the expertise required to build, train and evaluate deep learning models.

Accessible deep learning /

Visual programming for deep learning

Full functionality

Build and configure your AI models with standardized & modular drag-n-drop building blocks.

No hassles

Skip learning multiple new libraries, debugging code and dealing with dependency hell.

Faster developments

Spend more time solving your problem and not on tedious, repetitive coding tasks.

Accessible deep learning /

Build using

Prebuilt models

Ready made

Prebuilt & pretrained networks ready to work from. Run one or many in parallel.

Latest tech

Use the latest deep learning techniques without needing to implement them yourself.

Start instantly

Click and run as many different models as you like in minutes, not hours.

Accessible deep learning /

Experiment wizard

Snippet suggestions

Automatic snippet suggestions based on your input data and type of problem you're trying to solve.

Click and run

Select a network and click run. Create a new experiment and repeat as many times you like.

Lower entry barrier

Enables anyone to start using complex deep learning models.

Workflow features

From data to model deployment, the Peltarion Platform supports the full end-to-end deep learning model development and productionalization workflow.

Workflow /

Dataset exploration

Data API

Programmatically upload your data into the platform right from your preprocessing code.

Data Library

Over 30 useful datasets directly on the platform ready for you to explore.

Inspect and edit

Visualize features of your dataset and perform some basic transformation like resizing and cropping.

Workflow /

Model development

Flexible modeling

Easily build your own models or start tinkering with over 30 prebuilt ones right away. Get suggestion from our wizard.

Computer Vision & NLP

Predict, detect & classify images, text & other data.

Multiple data types

Easily use and combine tabular, text, image, video and/or audio data in the same model (multimodal deep learning).

Workflow /

Model evaluation

Visualize results

Ready made visualizations and metrics according to the problem you’re trying to solve.

Compare results

Easily compare results of multiple experiments.

Predictions inspection

[New] Inspect your model’s output predictions example by example. Verify predictions, assess accuracy, discover anomalies.

Workflow /

Model serving

Rest-API deployment

Deploy your trained models directly from the platform all the way directly in your application via a Rest-API.

One-click deployment

Deploy / rollback your models into production directly from the platform with one click.

Scalable and available

Run any volume of predictions, thanks to autoscaled resources allocated to your application.

ML Ops features

Beyond just a linear workflow, the Peltarion Platform supports the needs of the complete, iterative lifecycle of deep learning projects. Automatically record, track, version, re-use, and audit every aspect of your projects.

ML Ops /

Experiment management

Experiment at scale

Systematically run, track and manage all you deep-learning experiments from data to the deployment.

Click, iterate & run

Designed to easily build, configure, run and compare multiple experiments with only a couple of clicks

Compare & Optimize

Easily compare and visualize results. Learn from each experiment to optimize your model in less time.

ML Ops /

Lifecycle management


All your data, experiments, deployments and their complete history in one place. Nothing is ever lost.

Full version control

Automatically version-controlled datasets, experiments & deployments.

Faster iteration cycle

Easily iterate, refine, and update projects on a regular basis.

ML Ops /


User admin

Add and remove team members to your account, and manage their roles / access controls.

Organization admin

See all you member accounts, available storage space and GPU hours, and number of concurrently running training jobs all in one place.

Better team work

Easily prioritize ideas, reduce duplicated efforts and encourage collaboration.

ML Ops /

Governance & Security


Version control to enable reproducibility, reusability, collaboration, and governance.

Data privacy

Use sensitive data on the platform without the ability to download it.

Manage risks

Access controls to ensure privacy and auditable workflows facilitate managing operatonal risks.

Infrastructure features

More than just a software solution, the Peltarion Platform offers you access to fully managed cloud storage and computing resources.

Infrastructure /

Compute & Storage

All you need

Train on GPUs and run inference on CPUs instantly.

Zero setup

Get access to storage, computation and deployment resources, and skip the tedious work of setting up a cloud environment and managing it yourself.


Scale models and deployments without any DevOps required.

Tutorial /

Build your first deep learning model within 10 minutes

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