Plus plan

Perfect for you who wants to experiment with AI and prototype, iterate and launch your first AI applications for commercial purposes.

For creating your first commercial AI products

For commercial use 

1 user

15 training hours/month

10000 predictions/month

Train 3 experiments/models at the same time

2  live deployments

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Bring your ideas to life

Easily integrate your models into your prototypes and get immediate real-time feedback of your solution, before investing more resources in it.

Experiment at ease

Build, configure, run and compare multiple experiments or iterations of your AI solution, and reduce your time and cost to value.

Deploy AI projects faster

Cut the time it takes to deploy an AI project from a couple of weeks to just a couple of minutes.

For commercial use

This plan includes a commercial license. You can use the platform to build customer-facing applications or internal tools for running your operation.