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Peltarion hosts the world’s first no-code competition

February 1

    Today, Peltarion is launching its No-Code AI Challenge, the world’s first competition focused specifically on no-code AI. The goal is to lower the threshold to start experimenting with no-code tools and raise the stakes by including no-code deep learning. The competition is organised by Peltarion, but will be app-agnostic in order to maximise reach.

    Joining for the competition are some of the most prominent players in the field, such as the web app builders Microsoft Power Apps and Bubble, and the jury consists of key people in the no-code/low-code movement, amongst others, Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar, Ben Tossell, founder of Makerpad, and Henrik Landgren, partner at EQT Ventures.

    The competition officially opens up for registrations today, but has already gathered 500 pre-registrations.

    “It’s when you put the full power of modern AI into the hands of domain experts that the real AI magic happens. The no-code approach to AI allows non-data scientists to build custom cutting edge deep learning AI solutions, truly democratising AI. With over 500 teams worldwide already signed up, I’m super excited to see the projects coming out of the no-code AI challenge.” says Luka Crnkovic-Friis, Founder and CEO of Peltarion.

    About Peltarion

    Peltarion is a leading AI innovator with its head office in Stockholm. The first platform “Synapse” was released in 2004, and since then, Peltarion has helped companies and organisations like NASA, Tesla, Dell and Harvard to benefit from AI. The vision for Peltarion is to make AI accessible and affordable to more people and create a platform where people can work with AI without needing the skills of a data scientist, is a step towards this vision. Among the Peltarion customers, you will find doctors fighting cancer, carmakers optimising battery power, curators identifying moods in music, farmers keeping their crops secure. And the opportunities to do more expand every day.