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Peltarion participates in Swedish Parliament's AI-hearing

January 27

    At the end of last year, Anders Arpteg, Head of Research at Peltarion participated in the Swedish Parliament's virtual AI-hearing on the topic "Artificial intelligence - Opportunities and challenges for Sweden and Swedish companies".

    The AI-hearing was organized by the Swedish Parliament’s Business Committee, and the aim of the seminar was to highlight the opportunities and challenges that Sweden and Swedish companies are facing in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Technological developments in artificial intelligence are attracting increasing investment worldwide. In Sweden, RISE coordinates the development of a national action plan: the AI ​​agenda. The goal of the AI ​​agenda is to coordinate and sharpen Swedish resources. 

    The purpose of the AI-hearing where Peltarion participated was i.e. to clarify what is covered by the concept of AI, what is being done today in the AI ​​field and what needs to be done to promote the development of AI.

    Few people understand the impact that AI will have on our society in the coming ten years. We can already see how the technology giants can leverage AI and they are the most valuable companies in the world today. Unfortunately, most other companies fail when they try to use the latest AI techniques, and there is a clear AI-divide between those who know how to use AI and those that do not. The AI-divide is also what Peltarion wants to help resolve, making the latest AI techniques available for all and help solve societal challenges we have in healthcare, energy, and many more sectors, says Anders Arpteg, Peltarion.

    The full report from the seminar can be accessed here (in Swedish).

    About Peltarion

    Peltarion is a leading AI innovator with its headquarter in Stockholm. The first platform “Synapse” was released in 2004, and since then, Peltarion has helped companies and organisations like NASA, Tesla, Dell and Harvard to benefit from AI. The vision for Peltarion is to make AI accessible and affordable to more people and create a platform where people can work with AI without needing the skills of a data scientist, is a step towards this vision. Among the Peltarion customers, you will find doctors fighting cancer, carmakers optimising battery power, curators identifying moods in music, farmers keeping their crops secure. And the opportunities to do more expand every day.