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Peltarion secures 15M EUR in funding to spur expansion in 2021

March 23

    The Peltarion Platform is an AI platform that allows its users to build and deploy deep learning models at scale and at speed. The no-code platform lowers the cost and skill requirement usually associated with AI adaption, making it a leader in the shift towards the democratization of AI.

    Along with the rise of the no-code movement in the past couple of years, and recent studies (ref Gartner) that estimate AI solutions to create as much as 3 trillion $ in value in 2021, Peltarion is now in a unique position to empower even more citizen data scientists to apply AI to their domain. With the added 15 M EUR funding from existing investors FAM, Euclidean Capital and EQT Ventures, Peltarion foresees huge potential for growth in 2021.

    “Real value is created by AI when domain experts, rather than AI experts get to fully use the technology. It’s happening now and we are thrilled to be enabling people to use AI at scale in organizations of all sizes.”  says Peltarion CEO, Luka Crnkovic-Friis.

    Peltarion’s mission is to make AI technology usable and affordable for governments, nonprofits and businesses alike. And it believes that making AI operational will help to solve world problems – from food distribution to disease diagnostics – more quickly and at scale. The Peltarion operational AI platform makes building and deploying AI products and services easier, faster and more affordable. Its API approach creates an enterprise-ready solution, lowering the bar of hard-to-find AI skills required to build AI products and services, while reducing the need for expensive infrastructure.

    About Peltarion

    Peltarion is a leading AI innovator with its head office in Stockholm. The first platform “Synapse” was released in 2004, and since then, Peltarion has helped companies and organisations like NASA, Tesla, Dell and Harvard to benefit from AI. The vision for Peltarion is to make AI accessible and affordable to more people and create a platform where people can work with AI without needing the skills of a data scientist, is a step towards this vision. Among the Peltarion customers, you will find doctors fighting cancer, carmakers optimising battery power, curators identifying moods in music, farmers keeping their crops secure. And the opportunities to do more expand every day.

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