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Indentive launches AI technology partnership with Peltarion

January 13 2019

    Indentive provides an open, cloud-based platform called Connective that allows operators of all sizes to offer services based on IoT (Internet of Things), data and information to their customers. Connective opens the platform economy to operators, creates revenue through the delivery of vertical services and most importantly, lets everyone reap the benefits of the connected society, Tech freak or not. Our goal is to make advanced technology accessible and easy to use.

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    Stockholm, 14 January, 2019

    Peltarion provides a cloud-based operational AI platform with an easy-to-use graphical interface making using AI simpler, faster and more affordable by reducing the need for specialist AI skills and infrastructure. The mission of Peltarion is to make AI technology usable and affordable for all.

    The partnership will allow both Indentive and Peltarion  to enhance their offerings, reaching out to a broader market where IoT and AI create significant synergies.

    Anders Visell, CEO of Indentive said “We think it’s inspiring to see what Peltarion is achieving in the operational AI market and are thrilled about this partnership. IoT and AI go hand in hand as IoT provides services and data and with AI we can make them smarter and more useful. Therefore we see Peltarion as the perfect match for our Connective platform. This as an important step in making IoT services usable for everyone.”

    Luka Crnkovic-Friis, CEO and co-founder of Peltarion said, “We support Indentive’s goal to make advanced technology accessible and easy to use. Lowering the barrier to entry is the key to unlocking the power of AI as it empowers more people to do amazing things with the technology. We are excited about integrating our operational AI technology into the Connective platform. Through this partnership we can spread the benefits of AI and IoT to more people and companies."

    About Indentive

    Today, when the IoT-revolution is a fact and industries and businesses are at the forefront of technology, we at Indentive want to make sure that the potential of IoT is unleashed and can be used by everyone. So, we’ve created an open platform that gathers, collects and connects data, services, and devices; Connective. Instead of letting things be smart on their own, Connective makes sure they are smart together – connected – for the full user experience.

    About Peltarion

    Peltarion provides a collaborative, graphical cloud platform for developing, managing and deploying deep learning systems at scale. Founded in 2004, over 300 companies and organizations have used Peltarion’s AI technology including NASA, Tesla, iZettle, General Electric, Dell, BMW, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, and the Universities of Harvard, MIT and Oxford. Our mission is to make AI technology usable and affordable for all. Find out more at

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