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Hyper Island banks on the Peltarion platform as a tool for education, innovation and collaboration around AI projects

December 20 2021/8 min read

    Swedish-founded digital creative global business school Hyper Island joins forces with AI powerhouse Peltarion as the AI tool of choice for their world-class AI Business Consultant program.

    The Peltarion platform makes it possible for Hyper Island's students to explore a broad range of AI applications that are relevant for the marketplace while they work with companies, solving real business challenges through hands-on learning and AI problem-solving.

    The Hyper Island AI Business Consultant program is an 80-week program with the goal of meeting the market demand for talent that will act as a bridge between business opportunities and technical opportunities. 

    Each year, 30 new students enroll in the program where they get empowered with the ability to determine when artificial intelligence can be used as a true competitive advantage; from understanding of the technical conditions required to complete a business project within AI, to building on their skill sets in spotting and choosing valuable trends in digital business.

    About the collaboration

    By extending their collaboration with Peltarion, Hyper Island opens up for their students to use the Peltarion platform as a tool to learn, innovate and collaborate around AI projects, and hopefully bring the platform along when they embark on new journeys after the program is complete. Peltarion will also take part in course assessments and coaching going forward.

    “The challenge in AI today is the gap between data scientists and the business stakeholders -  The AI Business Consultants program bridges just that gap and will be instrumental in scaling out AI.”

    Björn Treje, Head of Technical Enablement at Peltarion

    “At Hyper Island we love learning by getting your hands dirty, growing playfully, and focusing on relationships. Peltarion enables us to do that, because of both its platform and its people. For the AI Business Consultant program, Peltarion makes it possible for our students to explore a broad range of AI applications that are relevant for the marketplace while they work with companies, solving real business challenges. Peltarion's tools are easy to explore even if you're not super technical, and the team working there are really invested in relationships and learning together. We love that. It is fun solving real problems, finding our way forward together by trying things. It's what we are all about, and Peltarion seemed like an obvious fit.

    Dano Marr, Program Manager, AI Business Consultant Program at Hyper Island

    About Hyper Island

    Hyper Island is a creative business school with consulting services which enables individuals and organisations to see, understand and act upon the opportunities created by digital and technological evolution. Hyper Island supports people and organisations to create change by sharing competence and creating confidence through collaboration, creativity and innovation.

    Founded in 1996 in Sweden, Hyper Island now works with individuals and businesses in London, Manchester, Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo, Stockholm and Karlskrona. In addition to fully bespoke programmes for organisations, Hyper Island offers a range of educational options from 3-day intensive courses to a fully accredited master’s degree programme.

    About Peltarion

    Peltarion is a leading AI innovator with its head office in Stockholm. The first platform “Synapse” was released in 2004, and since then, Peltarion has helped companies and organisations like NASA, Tesla, Dell and Harvard to benefit from AI. The vision for Peltarion is to make AI accessible and affordable to more people and create a platform where people can work with AI without needing the skills of a data scientist, is a step towards this vision. Among the Peltarion customers, you will find doctors fighting cancer, carmakers optimising battery power, curators identifying moods in music, farmers keeping their crops secure. And the opportunities to do more expand every day.