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Annotell and Peltarion partner up to offer a complete solution for reliable training data and operationalization of AI

February 26 2019

    Annotell, offering consistent training data, is partnering with Peltarion to empower its clients with reliable training data and operational AI technology.

    Stockholm. January 26, 2019

    Annotell, a leading provider of training data you can trust, today announced the launch of a technology partnership with AI company Peltarion.

    Peltarion provides an operational AI platform for producing real-world commercially viable AI applications at scale and at speed. Based on 30 years’ experience deploying AI in commercial applications, the Peltarion platform’s easy-to-use graphical interface makes modeling and deploying AI simpler, faster and more affordable, reducing the need for specialist AI skills and infrastructure. The mission of Peltarion is to make AI technology useable and affordable for all.

    Annotell provides a unique web-based platform that makes it radically smoother and more efficient to create reliable annotated data for supervised machine learning. A critical component in any machine learning solution is access to reliable training data, particularly in safety-oriented applications such as autonomous cars. Annotell’s platform makes it easy to get data you can trust.

    Oscar Petersson, co-founder & CEO of Annotell said, “Peltarion is the perfect partner for us as we both share a passion to operationalize AI technology. By combining our strengths we can offer a powerful solution to machine learning teams, covering the entire process from data quality assurance to model deployment.”

    Luka Crnkovic-Friis, CEO and co-founder of Peltarion said, “We agree with Annotell that AI and machine learning applied correctly can create tremendous value. The key to unlocking the potential of AI is to make it operational, but for that, you also need reliable training data. We are excited to be partnering with Annotell as we want to bring operational AI technology to more companies and organizations.”

    Read Annotell's press release, here

    About Annotell

    Annotell provides a cloud-based platform and specialized workforce to produce consistent training data for machine learning teams. Founded in January 2018, Annotell has grown from zero to over 30 people entirely self-funded and established a strong beachhead in the data annotation market. Annotell has a number of global customers within the automotive sector, among others Zenuity. Find out more at

    About Peltarion

    Peltarion provides a collaborative, graphical cloud platform for developing, managing and deploying deep learning systems at scale. Founded in 2004, over 300 companies and organizations have used Peltarion’s AI technology including NASA, Tesla, iZettle, General Electric, Dell, BMW, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, and the universities of Harvard, MIT and Oxford. Our mission is to make AI technology useable and affordable for all. Find out more at

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