Peltarion's AI and Microsoft Power Platform

    Evolve your business by adding AI to core operations, with Peltarion's AI and Microsoft Power Platform.

    Get better predictions to data, act faster and minimize time spent on tedious tasks. All in the system you're already using.

    Tailored low-code AI at your fingertips

    Be able to explore, access and integrate top-class AI applications to your systems, without being a data scientist yourself or having the resources of an extensive data science team.

    Integrate AI into the system you already use

    The Peltarion AI connector lets you connect and integrate your AI models seamlessly into the Microsoft environment you’re already working in.

    Easily pay through Azure marketplace

    The Peltarion platform and the connector is free to get started with. When it's time to scale up your efforts, easily buy your license via Azure marketplace.

    Here are some examples of use cases

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