Peltarion Platform: Enterprise Package
Make operational AI a reality for your business

Peltarion's Enterprise Package empowers cross-functional teams with an intuitive platform.

Our cloud-based visual development environment enables collaboration across the entire deep learning model development lifecycle.

You don't just get the platform. We supply a full solution. We will guide you through the deep learning space with packaged services with access to our expertise to jumpstart your business to work through use cases and applications of deep learning within your organization. Additional training and educational packages available.

02/What's good about the platform?

Unprecedented speed
AI development cycles for prototyping through to staging and production made exponentially faster
Track and audit past activity, map the data path through models to results and monitor real-time view of projects: status, costs, outcomes and progress to date
Easy to deploy
Optimal models ready for deployment from platform. Experiment and data versions support auditability
Share, learn and build on the work of others. Enable cross-functional teams to improve the end solution through collaboration and parallel experimentation

03/Platform overview

AI and deep learning are driven by data, including rich-media data such as text and images. Sitting with the enterprise is generating and storing that data.
Access data from multiple sources.  Prepare data for modeling: visually explore, assemble, find, access, clean, combine and structure data.
Train and optimize models, using pretrained models or starting from scratch. Simple to run multiple experiments.
Analyze all tasks, activities and outcomes across all areas from data preparation, modeling and deployment.
Best model promoted to production. The model is then accessed by the organization via an API.
Set of collaboration functions which allow team members to work and interact across an AI project.
Capability of overlaying the platform for organization management, reporting and KPIs, allocating and configuring resources, projects, roles and payments.
Full security capabilities to secure data and manage access to the cloud-based operational AI platform.
Cloud-based application extends to multiple providers and geographies.
Model accessed via API. Feedback loop as use of model in live production will lead to another cycle as the original model gets updated and improved.

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05/Getting started

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We don’t just offer a technology platform. We provide a full solution, with a world-class AI team and strategic partners to help you solve your business and social problems with deep learning. We welcome your questions as well as requests for support.

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