Platform feature /

Start building your own neural networks

  • No-code environment

    Build your AI models with standardized & modular drag-n-drop building blocks.

  • Pretrained networks

    Prebuilt & pretrained networks ready to work from. Run one or many in parallel.

  • Explore & experiment

    Easily iterate, evaluate and refine your models.

Platform feature /

You can keep focus on the problem-solving

  • Zero setup

    Storage, computation and deployment resources are sorted.

  • Always there

    Data, experiments, results and deployments in the same place, so nothing ever lost.

  • Ease of use

    Solve problems with AI by learning one tool instead of a patchwork of many.

Platform feature /

Share what you've created with others

  • One-click deployment

    Deploy your models directly from the platform in one step.

  • Better together

    Invite collaborators to work with you on your project.

  • API access

    Integrate your trained model predictions into your own applications through an API.

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