Platform feature /

Create solutions nobody has ever thought of before

  • Build smart things

    Predict, detect & classify images, text & other data that was previously impossible.

  • Build fab things

    You can create new experiences with new interactions for people.

  • & it's easy

    Prebuilt computer vision and natural language processing networks ready to work from.

Platform feature /

Share them with others around you

  • One-click deployment

    Deploy your models directly from the platform in one step.

  • Better together

    Invite collaborators to work with you on your project.

  • API access

    Integrate your trained model predictions into your own applications through an API.

Platform feature /

Be free to do things your way

  • No theory

    You can start building deep learning models without being an expert on the theory.

  • No obstacles

    You can do everything from modeling, tweaking to deployment by yourself.

  • No project handovers

    No need for project handovers between you and data scientists.

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