The first platform to provide fast, efficient and scalable production of commercially viable AI applications.

Today, our AI platform puts the power to drive real-world results into the hands of more people than ever before.

Its advanced graphical interface allows people to spend less time struggling with a disparate set of tools and software products and more time delivering.

And our in-built collaboration and monitoring capabilities dashboards allow diverse teams to focus on solving problems, coming together to model, design and experiment in an environment of their choosing – at speed, and at scale – to create real-world value as fast as possible.

Short introduction to the Peltarion Platform
A short introduction to the Peltarion Platform

02/ Platform features

Fast Deployment
AI modeling cycles through to deployment is made exponentially faster.
Use all types of data, support any type of AI (Machine Learning or Deep Learning) and hardware-independent.
Intuitive GUI with zero coding & system prompts: allows more user types to work effectively with AI.
A sophisticated end-to-end platform, with all the tools you need to go from data to production - easily and quickly.
Audit past activity and monitor real-time view of projects: status, costs, outcomes and progress to date.
Share, learn and build on the work of others. Enable cross- functional teams to improve the end solution.
Flexible purchase options plus ability to have fewer and less expensive resources working in shorter time spans on projects.

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