Our partners

The needs for expertise and methods can vary greatly. It may be you are looking for help in defining the AI opportunities in your organisation, creating proof of concepts, working with your data or building the products and services around your operationalized AI models. Perhaps you require a combination of the above, or something specific to your organisation and industry. That’s why our partners cover a wide range of specialties.

  • Eiko is an analytics and integration tool that provides companies with a complete solution ranging from integrating and analyzing data to presenting insights simply and clearly. They provide connectors integrated with the most common analytics tools available and can quickly tailor a system to fit your needs.

  • To remain competitive, the modern organization needs to do its utmost to streamline business processes. We are convinced that the best results are achieved through automation, digitization, and conscious change management within the organization. Bitoreq has extensive experience in both automation and business management.

  • People in business management must understand how AI can and should be used. At 129, they believe that a mix of market, machine, and humans is required to fully utilize the power of AI. They help companies with consultation in the transition to using AI.

  • Neiron collaborates with companies to solve everyday business problems through AI-powered solutions. They drive companies forward with the help of sustainable solutions adapted to maximize the effect in the entire business.

  • By utilizing data and automation, Avaus can deliver efficiency improvements in sales and marketing. They help their clients understand the value of their investments by implementing the necessary technical, analytical, and organizational skills required.

  • Doberman is a design and innovation firm which uses technology to innovate offerings, transform businesses, and create standout products and services.

  • Combines design, engineering, and strategy to help organizations understand how to use data, analytics, and AI as well as showing them how to turn their existing data into meaningful business value at great speed.

  • Modulai offers services such as feasibility studies and consulting, as well as complete solutions and refinement of machine learning systems and products. They help everyone from start-ups to multinational companies.

  • Codon is a consulting company with expertise in machine learning. They offer tailor-made solutions for companies, from the latest methods for deep learning to simple, traditional technology that does the job.

  • Silo AI builds AI-driven solutions and products to enable workflows between humans and machines that use machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

  • Sopra Steria, a leading European consulting company, helps its customers meet their challenges through digital transformation by offering both business know-how and solutions at the forefront of technology. With a mission to be able to build a more positive future together through technology.

  • Annotell provides a platform that makes creating high-quality training data for supervised machine learning a radically smoother process. The platform is completely cloud-based and streamlined for the automotive industry.