The opportunities awaiting you as a Peltarion partner

Join our growing community of partners and get access to exciting opportunities within the field of operational AI and deep learning.

01/ Opportunities as a Peltarion Partner

The Peltarion Partner Program is your gateway to expand your opportunities within Data Science and Deep Learning.

  • Enable new customers

Bring Deep Learning capabilities to your customers in an easy, scalable and affordable way. Enable a whole new range of customers by reducing the complexities of getting started with Deep Learning.

  • Expand your network

As a Peltarion Partner Program member, you will have access to a highly specialized network of like minded people and companies from which you can learn from and create joint offerings / solutions for customers.

  • Find the support you need

The Peltarion Partner Program is there to cover your needs. Whether you’re looking for technical training for yourself or help building joint solutions, the right support is at your fingertips.

02/ Service partners

Service partners use the Peltarion Platform to design, develop, and implement solutions of all sizes and complexities, as well as provide training to our customers.

  • System integrators and consulting firms

Focus on including the Peltarion Platform in custom solutions, managed services or transformation projects.

  • Service providers

Provide a mix of:

  1. Education learning services
  2. Packaged services
  3. Support services

03/ Technology partners

Technology partners integrate their own applications and platforms with the Peltarion Platform to deliver increased value to our customers.

  • ISV/HW

Integrate and/or develop solutions with Peltarion. Sell complementary solutions.

  • Cloud

Public, hybrid, and private cloud technology providers and cloud technology ecosystem tools.