Peltarion partner network
Our family is here to help you on your AI journey

The Peltarion partner network is here to assist you throughout the different stages of your journey towards operational AI. 

The needs for expertise and methods can vary greatly. It may be you are looking for help in defining the AI opportunities in your organisation, creating proof of concepts, working with your data or building the products and services around your operationalized AI models. Perhaps you require a combination of the above, or something specific to your organisation and industry. That’s why our partners cover a wide range of specialties.

We have loosely divided them into two types:

02/Service partners

Companies that can help educate your team, identify your AI opportunities, build your AI strategy, get your data ready, build proof of concepts or even end-to-end business solutions. Our partner network is there to cover your needs.

We are a transformation partner for enterprises looking to turn their data into business growth.

Doberman is a design and innovation firm which uses technology to innovate offerings, transform businesses, and create standout products and services.

Futurice helps clients amplify the value of their data by building data infrastructures and intelligent digital services to drive better decisions

Modulai is a machine learning agency with a mission to bring the benefits of AI to every organisation.

Neiron provide consultancy to support businesses in assessing, preparing and developing their AI teams, capabilities and strategy.

We build human-machine workflows that utilise Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

Sopra Steria, a leading European consultancy firm, helps its clients meet their challenges through digital transformation by offering both business know-how and solutions at the absolute forefront of technology.

03/Technology partners

Companies that sell complementary solutions that integrate with our platform and which expand the range of tools at your disposal.

Annotell provides a platform that makes creating high quality training data for supervised machine learning a radically smoother process.

04/Become a partner

The Peltarion Partner program is your gateway to a growing and exciting ecosystem of opportunities.

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