How to work with NLP on the Peltarion Platform

Natural language processing (NLP) techniques aim to automatically process, analyze and manipulate language data.

The Knowledge center is full of content that will show you how to use NLP in your project.

This article gives you an overview of all content available.


Our NLP Snippets are prebuilt, pretrained, state-of-the-art deep learning networks. Networks are hard and tedious to build and train. That's why we've done the work for you.

These are the snippets available at your fingertip:

Binary semantic classification


The best way to learn is to try it out yourself. The tutorials will give you an overview of the platform or will highlight a specific feature. These are our tutorials and use cases ready to be used by you:


We've created cheat sheets for some common problem types and some specific use cases. A cheat sheet will guide you through the main steps you take when solving your problem.


If you want to go down to a really granular level, you should read the descriptions of the individual building blocks: