Operational AI Master Class

Two days focused on how to practically bring operational AI into your organization.

Led by Peltarion’s best brains in the AI sector, the workshop is built to support businesses in moving beyond the abstract promise of AI into real world applications.

When & where

February 26-27, 2019

Stockholm, Sweden

Who should attend?

The Operational AI Master Class will educate leaders on how to get their teams started on operational AI projects. At the same time, we invite your organization’s data scientists to experiment with the Peltarion Platform as they solve specific use cases. Both existing and aspiring customers of the Peltarion Platform are welcome. Bring up to four colleagues — ideally a mix of organizational leaders and data scientists.

02/Objectives and expected outcomes

Identify your AI business potential
A practical understanding of the current state of AI and how operational AI can help solve your organization’s real-world problems and accelerate your business.
Operational AI in your organization
Plan for AI competence throughout your organization. What parts do you need outside help with? Which partners are recommended for your specific case? We’ll also guide you on how to deal with data inventory in a practical way.
Work with use cases with expert guidance
Solve real use cases on the Peltarion Platform, gain an understanding of their logic and develop a realistic approach to operational AI.
Work hands-on with the Peltarion Platform
Managing data; Building the model; Training & evaluation; Deploying into a live testing environment


Day 1 - 26 February

09:00 - 17:00

Kicking things off with a keynote talk on Peltarion’s vision for operational AI, the focus of the first day will be on well-founded and proactive discussions about bringing operational AI into your organization today.

Day 2 - 27 February

09:00 - 17:00

Work hand on with the Peltarion deep learning platform as you walk through each step: managing the data, building the model, training and evaluating and then deploying into a live/test environment. You’ll choose from two use cases.

Use case group 1: Diagnostics

In the field of healthcare, AI can be used to more quickly and accurately target and detect diseases. We’ll run some image classification-based use cases and bring them to life with medical diagnostics examples. Beyond the medical field, this approach has wider applications in areas like predictive service and maintenance.

Use case group 2: Yield + Energy + Throughput

We’ll run some regression and classification-based use cases and bring them to life with yield + energy + throughput use cases. Potential applications range from enhancing a manufacturing line to optimizing a utility’s production capacity to assessing agricultural yield to taking resources out of the ground.

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