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Tutorial Create your own house price valuation model Solve a regression problem using multiple sets of input data
Webinar Operational AI in action: Healthcare Learn how you can bring operational AI into your healthcare organisation
Feature description Snippets – prebuilt deep neural networks Ready to use state-of the art neural network models.

The Peltarion Platform

The Project view gives you an overview of all your projects. These can be projects that you collaborate with colleagues on or projects that you have created yourself. Read more
The Datasets view shows all the information you need about your available datasets. You can upload your own datasets or access ones that have been shared with you. Read more
It’s in the Modeling view that you and your team build AI models. Share, learn and build on the work of others. You can run multiple experiments simultaneously on cloud GPUs while building new models. Read more
The Evaluation view lets you analyze in real time if the experiment is going in the right direction or not. It’s quick and easy to compare performance between models using various metrics to identify the ones you want to deploy. Read more
From the Deployment view, you can make your model quickly available via an API for integration with external applications and services. Your AI modeling cycles from data through to deployment are made exponentially faster. Read more
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