Bubble plugin for text similarity

This article will help you build a web app with Bubble and connect Peltarion’s text similarity plugin for Bubble.

Note: The Bubble interface may change, but the functionality should be the same. So bare with us if our description differs a bit from what you see on your screen.

  1. Create an account on bubble.io.

  2. When you get in, you’ll be taken through a tutorial to get you started. You can do the intro now if you want, but you don’t have to since we have detailed instructions below for this particular app.

  3. Create a new app and start with a blank page.

Add the Peltarion plugin to Bubble

  1. Navigate to the Plugins tab.

  2. Click Add plugins.

  3. Search for Peltarion.

  4. Select Peltarion(text similarity) and click Install.

  5. Click Done.

Design the app

  1. Navigate to the Design tab.

  2. Drag and drop the following components to the canvas:

    • Input

    • Button

    • Repeating group

Bubble connector for text similarity components

Repeating group

Doubleclick on the Repeating group component.

  1. In the property window, select Call (Peltarion Text Sim) for Type of content.

  2. Drag and drop a Text component to the first cell of the Repeating group.
    If you fit it nicely into the first cell, the text component will repeat in the cells below.

  3. Doubleclick on the Text component.
    In the property window click the top input field and select Insert dynamic data

    1. First select Current cell’s Call (Peltarion Text Sim)

    2. Then select 'text.


Doubleclick on the Button.

  1. Replace …​edit me…​ with Search.

  2. In the property window click Start/edit workflow.

  3. Add an action to the workflow.

  4. Go to Element actions and select Display list under Repeating group.

  5. For Data source, select Get data from external API.
    For API provider, select Peltarion text sim - Call API.

Body (JSON object)

Fill in the parameters in this order. You can’t redo. We’ve asked Bubble why. If you encounter a problem the only solution is to create a new app and start over from the beginning. Sorry.

  1. For the following parameters, use the information in the Deployment view on the Peltarion platform:

    • URL → Your experiment’s URL

    • Token → Your experiment’s token

    • queryName → Input parameter for your experiment

    • outputName → Output parameter for your experiment

Deployment info in Bubble
  1. For the query parameter in the Body field perform the following steps:

    1. Select the word SEARCH-QUERY

    2. Click Insert dynamic data value between the quotes

    3. Select Input A’s value.

When you’re done, it should look something like this:

"url": "<YOUR URL>",
"token":"<YOUR URL>>",
"queryName":"<the name of your input>",
"query":"<Input element's value (e.g. Input A)>",
"outputName":"<the name of your output>",
"limit": 5

Test the app

You’re done! Click Preview to run the app and try it out.

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