Search and filter for experiments

You can do a nested search to filter your experiments based on:

  • Name of the experiment.

  • Created by user.

  • Experiment status, i.e., created, running, paused and completed.

  • Loss function, e.g., mean squared error, binary crossentropy, etc.

If you create an additional filter, it will only apply to the experiments already filtered out.

Example: This filter would show all completed experiments marked as Favourite with the loss function mean squared error created by Jane Doe.

Example of a nested search.
Figure 1. Example of a nested search.

Adaptive search text

The text in the search field is adaptive to help you find what you’re looking for. This means that when you type in the search field suggestions of possible filters show up.

Share your filters

You can share your search with your colleagues by copying the address URL in the browser’s address bar. By using your URL, your colleague’s experiments list is filtered by the same search criteria.

Example: This address URL copied from the address bar…/{"name":"loss","value":"binary_crossentropy"}

will give you all experiments with the loss function binary crossentropy.

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