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This repo is the funny sidekick to the superhero the Peltarion Platform. Sidekick handles the mundane tasks like bundling up data into the Platform’s preferred format or sending data examples to the deployment endpoints to get predictions.

Sidekick’s goal

Sidekick’s goal is to make it easier to:

  • Get data in

  • Get predictions out

With Sidekick more people will experience the end-to-end flow of a deep learning project and appreciate the value that the Platform provides.


The Community-code repo includes different kinds of code that helps you integrate with the Platform. It can be code for data transforms, calling your model, or just having fun with deep learning.

Tutorial resources

See the listing in the for code supporting our tutorials.

Deployment API examples

The Community-code repo provides examples that describe how to use the Deployment API through direct HTTP calls.

Other resources

In the Community-code repo you will also find other resources related to datasets and projects that are not covered in the Knowledge center.

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