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You can download your model’s predictions. Analyzing the predictions outside the platform enables you to slice the results in any way that makes sense from your business perspective.

The Peltarion Platform gives you many ways to analyze your results, but we understand that you may want to analyze your data in other ways and with other tools, e.g., pandas, PowerBI, excel. So we made it possible to download your model’s predictions.

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Figure 1. Download predictions icon

Right now, you can use this feature when you’re working with regression and classification problems.

Downloaded file

  • The downloaded file is a .csv.

  • The downloaded file includes the model’s input features data and predictions for the selected subset and epoch, e.g., results from the Validation subset and epoch 5.

  • Only the input features that are used by the model are exported.

  • Data removed during data cleaning is not downloaded, i.e., removed rows and outliers.

  • If images are part of the input, the paths to the images are exported (not the images). The paths are relative to the original dataset.

  • If the model has additional outputs, these will also be exported.

  • Unsupported data types are still outputted but with the string n/a.

File structure for different problem types

Single-label classification structure

  • Input features

  • Actual target label

  • Predicted target label and predicted score for the five labels with the highest scores

Multi-label classification structure

  • Input features

  • Actual target labels

  • Predicted target scores for the different labels

Binary classification structure

  • Input features

  • Actual target label

  • Predicted target score

Regression structure

  • Input features

  • Actual target value

  • Predicted target value

How to download predictions results

  1. In the Evaluation view, navigate to the Predictions inspection tab.

  2. Run inspections on the selected Subset and Epoch.

  3. Click the Download predictions icon Download icon

  4. Save the file on your computer (the file is saved to wherever your browser saves downloaded files).

How to use the downloaded predictions

You can analyze the file with your downloaded predictions using any tool you prefer, e.g., pandas, PowerBI, excel.

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