The best way to learn is to try it out yourself. Here you’ll find our tutorials and use cases ready to be used by you. The tutorials will give you an overview of the platform or will highlight a specific feature.

We recommend you start with the Car damage assessment tutorial. It will give you an overview of the platform’s key concepts.

Get started tutorials


Buy or not? Predict from tabular data
Build a simple AI model that use the spreadsheets to solve a classification problem


Sales forecasting with spreadsheet integration
Forecast sales from spreadsheet data.


Integrate AI into Google Sheets for sales forecasting
Connect your Google Sheets to customized AI models.


Integrate AI into Microsoft Excel for sales forecasting
Connect your Microsoft Excel to customized AI models.


Car damage assessment
Use a pretrained block in a classification model designed to detect different types of car damage.


Fruit similarity search
Use image similarity search to find out what fruit you (probably) got.


Movie review feelings
Build a text classifier to perform sentiment analysis on movie reviews.


Classify text in any language
Build a multilingual text classifier that can recognize many different topics.


Text similarity search
Find out what similar questions others have asked.

Learn AI and platform tutorials

For beginners


Deploy an operational AI model
Explore how to build an image classification model that can recognize handwritten numbers. Then deploy and test it.


Build your own music critic
Solve a multi-label image classification problem for content-based automatic music tagging.


Book genre classification
Use BERT to build a text classifier for book summaries.


Use AI to detect fraud
How to use class weight when working with an imbalanced dataset


Self sorting wardrobe
Build an image classifier of clothing through creating the typical building blocks of a convolution neural network.


Detecting defects in mass produced parts
Build a image classification model to detect faulty parts in a production line.


Plant disease detection
Classify images of leaves with a pretrained AI model.


Create a team mood dashboard with Slack data
Build a mood dashboard using Slack data to track how your team is doing.

Product recommendations with image similarity

Product recommendations with image similarity
Enhance customer experience using image similarity.

Let AI assess road quality

Let AI assess road quality
Use image classification to automatically and effectively analyze the road condition.

For intermediate users


Verify images with Zapier and Peltarion
Build an automated and effective system that verifies customer photo uploads.


Look deep into DNA
Do some DNA research. Use multi-label classification to predict the protein expression rate.


Skin cancer detection
How to solve an image segmentation problem.


How to Improve a model you have built on tabular data
Once you have a working model, the next important step is making systematic changes to the design to try to improve the performance.


Predict real estate prices
Build and train an AI model with real data — both numbers and images — using the Peltarion Platform to make it reliable for house price prediction.


Kaggle competition with zero code
Kaggle without knowing TensorFlow or PyTorch? In this tutorial we explore how it’s possible.


Writing style tutor
A text similarity end-to-end project to figure out which of the old classic writing style you mirror.


Denoising images
Use an autoencoder to reconstruct noisy images.


Create a no-code app
Build a no-code app around your AI model.


Audio analysis for industrial maintenance
Build a model which uses audio recording to detect abnormal operation in industrial machinery.


Classify customer complaints with sentiment analysis
Use natural language processing and deploy a working model.


Integrate your AI model in PowerApps
Create an app to call your deployed classification model.


AI application using Adalo and Zapier
Use no-code tools to create a mobile application and connect it with the Peltarion platform.

For expert users


Shape up your Slack chaos
Create a model that identifies patterns in Slack messages and tell people if they posted in the wrong channel.