Test image similarity deployment

Follow these instructions to test your image similarity deployment with Postman.

If you don’t have your own deployed experiment, you can do our tutorial Find similar images of fruits.

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Deploy an experiment

Deploy an experiment in the Deployment view.

Configure Postman

  1. Download our public community_code repository to your computer.

  2. Open the Postman app.

  3. Import both json-files in the image_similarity_search folder from your local version if this repository into Postman.

  4. In the top-right corner of Postman, select the Similarity Search environment in the Environment-dropdown (from the start, it says No environment ).

Manage environment

  1. Click the eye button next to the Environment-dropdown.

  2. Click Edit to open the Manage environments window.

  3. In a separate window, navigate to the Deployment view on the Peltarion Platform.

  4. Copy the environment variables from the Deployment view to the CURRENT VALUE column in the Manage environments window:

    • Copy the similarity search host address from the URL to the similarySearchHost field, for example, api.gcp-eu-west-1.platform.peltarion.com.

    • Copy the deployment ID from the end of the URL to the deploymentID[.guilabel] field, for example, 89896f60-6668-4c01-90ba-39520b317c35.
      !! Make sure you get all the digits. Some might be hidden in the interface. !!

    • Copy the Token to the token field, for example, 5119ff6b-d85d-44c3-b698-de090c6c8615.

Environment Variables

Test your deployment with an image

  1. Click Collections and then POST Image Similarity Search.

  2. Click the Body tab.

  3. Update the KEY value to your experiment’s Input feature.

Input feature to Key
  1. Click the Select file button and pick a local image to test your deployment to find similar images.

  2. Click Send and wait …

Show results

Click the Visualize tab to see the most similar images in your dataset.
The lower the Distance, the more similar the image is to your test image according to your deployed model.

Image similarity result
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