PowerApps connector

Power Apps is a low-code tool to develop apps interconnected with a wide numeric ecosystem.


To use AI in your Power Apps, you first need to have an AI model that does something useful for you. If you don’t know where to start, have a look at our tutorials to find inspiration.

Once you have a trained model, you need to create a Standard deployment from the deployment view. The deployment view will show you the information you need to use the model:

  • All the names (and shapes) of the input and output features of your model

  • The URL and deployment token that will allow Power Apps to access your Peltarion model

  • The status of the deployment: make sure it is enabled, or queries will be denied

How to use Peltarion with Power Apps

The Peltarion connector for Power Apps will let you integrate AI models into your business apps.

Follow the tutorial Use Peltarion connector in Microsoft Power Apps to go through the steps of setting up a working app.

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