Peltarion connectors

The Peltarion Platform lets you quickly iterate through model designs and deploy the winner for production use. At that time, you’ll probably want to use your model where you need it: an app, a spreadsheet, your own software… The Peltarion connectors are there to help you make this connection happen.

The platform is built around a REST API, meaning that any programming language that can send HTTP requests over the Internet can interact with the platform. We also have add-ons and connectors for other products so that you can create a fully functional tool without the need to code.

No-code connectors for productivity apps

Check how these connectors can help you integrate AI in your everyday tasks:

REST API description and examples

The full API allows you to interact with the Peltarion Platform from your own software. You’ll find all the useful information in the following pages:

  • The Data API lets you upload datasets to the platform.

  • The Deployment API lets you submit samples to an enabled deployment and get the predictions from the model (within the amount of the API limitations). You can also list the model’s inputs and outputs with type, shape, and name.

  • The Similarity API lets you find image or text examples in your datasets that are similar to the query.

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