Test it on the Peltarion Platform

A platform to build and deploy deep learning projects.

Even if you’re not an AI superstar.


Modeling view

In the Modeling view you’ll find everything you need to build an AI deep learning model in one place. You can start from scratch or select from a series of preloaded templates.

Build a model yourself or work with a colleague on the same one. There are no limits to how you can build the model - it’s as easy to make a simple one as to make a complex, multi-layered one.

There is no coding needed, just drag and drop to build your model. No coding means it’s simpler and faster but also fewer bugs.

There are three sections in the Modeling view. The left section is the experiments navigation section, where all existing model experiments can be viewed and loaded. The middle section is the modeling canvas area, which displays the model in a graphical way by showing the building blocks. The inspector, that is the right area, is where you select blocks and snippets for your model and where you handle the model’s settings.

Modeling view
Figure 1. Modeling view