Use your deployed models in your applications

You’ve built, trained, iterated and finally deployed your model and are ready to use it in your applications. Let’s quickly review the options available to you.

Using the Deployment API

All your deployed models are accessible via REST API, which means that you can submit samples to an enabled deployment and get the predictions from the model (within the amount of the API limitations) in return, from and to any application that you have built. Read more about how to use the Deployment API and its limitations.

Using Sidekick

If you are unfamiliar with REST APIs, checkout our Python package Sidekick, which makes it easy to work with deployed models.

Sidekick handles the mundane tasks like bundling up data into the Platform’s preferred format or sending data examples to the deployment endpoints to get predictions.

Sidekick’s aim is to make it easier to

  • get data in

  • get predictions out

Bubble integration - No-code apps

Don’t have the know-how to build an app? No problem!

We’re a big supporter of the no-code movement and as such, we’re aware that some of our users are not (full time) coders and thus, would possibly have difficulties building their own applications from scratch.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Bubble, a no-code platform that enables anyone to design, develop, and launch web apps without writing code.

Now nothing stands in your way of building any groundbreaking application you can dream off, even if you can’t write a single line of code!

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