Peltarion workflow

The Peltarion Platform is a collaborative end-to-end environment for developing, managing, and deploying AI models at scale. It’s got everything you need to execute an AI project from start to finish in a single software platform.

The platform workflow consists of 5 views (or screens if you prefer), each encapsulating a specific step in the model development process.

The different views map to the AI project workflow, where you start by defining your business problem, continue with diving into your data to understand and prepare it. After that, you build your model and then train it and evaluate it. When you’re satisfied, you can deploy your model.

Video introduction

If you want to get a quick overview of the general workflow on the Peltarion Platform we recommend this short video introduction.

Peltarion general workflow

Projects view

A project is where you import datasets, create models that you evaluate. Within a project, you can test many models to find out which one is the best. The Projects view gives you an overview of all projects you have access to, and it allows you to create a new project, select, edit or delete an existing project.

Datasets view

The view for data understanding and data preparation. The Datasets view allows you to edit and inspect the data that your project can use. In this view, you can:

  • Import datasets into the platform, from your local drive, or from a URL.
    Make sure the dataset is structured according to our requirements.

  • Manage versions of your datasets.

  • Edit a dataset to better fit your model.

  • Manage the Data API to enable dataset uploads from your own applications.

Modeling view

The Modeling view lets you build a deep learning model yourself or work with a colleague on the same model. There are no limits to how you can build the model - it’s as easy to make a simple one as to make a complex, multi-layered one.

Evaluation view

In the Evaluation view you can see in real-time how the model is performing as it’s learning from the data —not learning as well as expected? Then pause the experiment, go back to the Datasets view or Modeling view, make some tweaks and get running again, quick iteration style.

Deployment view

The Peltarion deployment solution provides the means to quickly test out model prototypes all the way directly in your services. It also provides stability and the scalability you need for a system that will be deployed for longer periods of time with a reliable model for server-to-server integration.

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