Get started with the platform

We’re excited you want to learn the Peltarion Platform and deep learning. The following articles will get you onboarded to the platform and with deep learning as fast as possible:

  1. Start with AI concepts.
    Before starting with anything else, there are a few AI concepts you need to be familiar with.

  2. Then continue with Deep learning problem types.
    You can solve many things with deep learning, but not everything. These are the problem types you can solve with the Peltarion Platform.

  3. After that, it’s time for Data for deep learning.
    Every deep learning project starts with having good data. In this article, we’ll give you a broad overview of what to consider when creating a dataset.

  4. You’re now ready to read about The Peltarion workflow.
    A deep learning project follows the same steps, and the Peltarion Platform is built to follow these steps.

  5. Finally, we’ve hand-picked Tutorials that will get you onboarded.
    When you have a basic understanding of what deep learning is and how you can use it, it’s time to try it out. We’ve picked some tutorials that we think are good to start with.

First step - AI concepts

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