Test it on the Peltarion Platform

A platform to build and deploy deep learning projects.

Even if you’re not an AI superstar.


Navigating the loss curve and metrics diagram

All experiments in the project with the same loss function are displayed in the diagram. The selected experiment is highlighted.

Loss ­curve ­with ­checkpoints

Checkpoints — best and last epoch

The experiment is only saved at two checkpoints, Best epoch and Last epoch. Thats means these are the points that you can deploy.

The epochs you can select in the diagrams in the Model evaluation area are the same as the checkpoints.

X-axis labels

The following labels for the x axis are available:

  • Epochs — Number of completed epochs.

  • Relative time — How long each experiment has run.

  • Wall time — Date when experiments were run.

Y-axis labels

The following labels for the y axis are available:

  • Linear scale

  • Log scale

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Left button click — Zoom out

  • Select an area — Zoom in

  • Option key while dragging — Pan the Loss & metrics diagram