URL import from Azure Blob Storage

Import files directly from Azure Blob Storage using Shared Access Signature (SAS).

How to import from an Azure Blob Storage via URL

On Azure

  1. Create a zip file according to our requirements.

  2. Store the zip file on an Azure Blob Storage.

  3. Generate Shared Access Signature (SAS) with:

    • Blob Storage browser: Right-click on the zip file you want to upload.
      Select Generate SAS.

    • Storage Explorer: Right-click on the zip file you want to upload.
      Click Get Shared Access Signature.

Get Shared Access Signature
Figure 1. Select “Generate SAS” in the Blob Storage or “Get Shared Access Signature” in Storage Explorer.

On the Peltarion Platform

  1. Copy the newly generated URL. By default, it will be usable for one day.

  2. Navigate to the Datasets view in the Peltarion Platform and select URL Import.

  3. Paste the SAS URL.

  4. Click Import to start importing the zip file directly from the Azure Blob Storage into the Peltarion Platform.

URL Import pop-up
Figure 2. Import URL pop-up on
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