DataCleaner tool

We’ve created the DataCleaner tool to help you prepare data before you upload it to the Peltarion Platform. The tool removes rows in your tabular data that contain empty values.

You can use the DataCleaner tool with both CSV and Excel (XLS/XLSX) files.

Peltarion Platform DataCleaner tool

Remove rows with empty values

The input dataset can’t contain any blank values. This makes sense - the model doesn’t know how to parse a blank value. The DataCleaner tool will remove rows with empty values in your input data.

Correct csv format

CSV files are known to have different formats depending on the tool you are working with. The Peltarion platform requires a certain format, so the DataCleaner tool will make sure the file complies with our requirements.

How to use the DataCleaner tool

  1. First, click Upload CSV/Excel and select your file.
    All empty rows will be removed from your dataset. Some information, such as the number of removed rows, will be displayed in the user interface.

  2. Click Download file to download the cleaned file.
    Now, the resulting CSV file can be uploaded to the Peltarion Platform in the Datasets view.

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