Calihouse dataset

The Calihouse dataset consists of two combined datasets, California housing and Open street map. This dataset is used in the tutorial Predict real estate prices.

California housing

The California Housing dataset consists of data collected from the California 1990 Census.

The dataset has 20 640 examples of blocks groups, each containing on average 1425,5 individuals living in a geographically compact area. There are 10 different variables per example:

  • Longitude (of centroid of the block)

  • Latitude (of centroid of the block)

  • Housing median age

  • Total number of rooms in the block

  • Total number of bedrooms

  • Population

  • Number of households

  • Median income

  • A map of the block (from Open Street Maps)

  • Median house value

Open street map

OpenStreetMap is a free, editable map of the whole world that is being built by volunteers largely from scratch and released with an open-content license.

Download complete dataset

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